Subject: DNA phantom
Date:  Fri, 15 Mar 2002 12:06:10 -0800
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To Your refer. about DNA phantom effect...

Dear Sirs!

About the detection of the "DNA Phantom effect".

Peter Gariaev has seen the effect for the first time in 1985, when he worked with correlation spectroscopy of DNA, ribosomes and collagen in the Institute of physics/techniques problems Acad. Sci. of the USSR

However, to publish it, was possible only in 1991 (Gariaev P.P., Chudin V.I., Komissarov G.G., Berezin A.A., Vasiliev A.A., 1991, Holographic Associative Memory of Biological Systems, Proceedings SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Optical Memory and Neural Networks. v.1621, p.280- 291. USA.), and then in (Gariaev P.P., "Wave based genome", Ed. Obsh. Plíza, 279p. In Russian (1994)), where the biggest chapter of the book is devoted to this effect.

In 1995 Poponin has received an invitation in USA and has offered, as continuation of the joint work with Peter Gariaev in the Lebedev Physical Institute  of the  Russian Academy of Sciences, again jointly to publish an article about the DNA phantom effect in USA. Peter Gariaev agreed and gave him the diagrams and the description of the method. Then an article "of Poponin" with the data  of Peter Gariaev appeared in the internet  1995, but without his participation.

In this article Poponin refers to the joint publication (Gariaev, K.V. Grigor'ev, A.A. Vasil'ev, V.P. Poponin and V.A. Shcheglov. Investigation of the Fluctuation Dynamics of DNA Solutions by Laser Correlation Spectroscopy. Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, n. 11-12, p. 23-30 (1992)) 

But this paper is ONLY about the DNA fluctuation dynamics, investigated by a method with laser correlation spectroscopy, and there is no relation to the DNA phantom effect. 

With best regards 
Peter Gariaev, Ph.D. 




Subject:        Re: DNA phantom
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> Dear Peter,
> Thank you for informing me about background details to the DNA article on my website at:  [...]
> Now my question is, would you like me to place this information on my website, or is it sufficient that you have informed me? Please advise

Yes, place this information on your wbsite, please. Regards, Peter

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