Crop Circles: Signs of Contact by Colin Andrews with Stephen Spignesi; New Page Books 2003

"If Crop Circles: Signs of Contact inspires even one reader to be more environmentally conscious, then we will have done our job." -Stephen Spignesi, co-author, with Colin Andrews, of Crop Circles: Signs of Contact.

Colin Andrews, former electrical engineer with the British Government, is universally considerd the world's leading authority on Crop Circles. Stephen J. Spignesi is a New York Times best selling author of more than 30 books on American and world history, biography, film, TV, pop culture, and the paranormal.

The author suggests the symbols of the Crop Circles may be a "Spiritual Nudge" to wake us up. "Why would we need to be given a spiritual nudge? The answer may be found in the news". Thereupon listing numerous environmental problems, and the current US legislation to intensify these problems.


Chapter 5: country vs number of reported Crop Circles (as of the time of book writing): England 1784; US 228; Canada 135; Germany 105; Australia 71; Netherlands 62; Hungary 23; Japan 19; Wales 15; France 13; Scotland 12; Switzerland 12.

Chaos Theory and Fractals:
Chapter 6 The Stonehenge Julia Set
fractals are found in many cc designs. A massive Julia set formation appeared in a period of 45 minutes across the road from the stonehenge site. Mendelbrot Set was the first fractal crop cirlce design. Benoit Mendelbrot did his work on discovering the set at Cambridge U, England, which is close to where a Mendelbrot formation appeared.

Remote Viewing:
Chapter 11 Hayley's Connection: Crop Circles and Remote Viewing PP 111f Remote Viewing.... "is the ability to mentally receive visual and auditory information without being limited by distance or time."

In 1977, physicists Russell Targ and Harold Putoff published their research (Mind Reach) in which they described remoter viewing as "the ability... to view, by means of mental process, remote geographical or technical targets...."

In another book, by Russell Targ, with Keith Harary (Mind Race), 1984), the authors quoted from a congressional committee on science and technology, US House of representatives, 97th Congress, June 1981: "Recent experiments in remote viewing and other studies in parapsychology suggest there is an interconnectedness of the human mind with other human minds and matter.... The implications of these experiments is that the human mind may be able to obtain information independent of geography and time."

Interaction Between Crop Circles and Consciousness
On asking for a crop circle and its appearance: ... Another such event occurred In 1992 when Dr. Steven Greer and a group of 18 individuals all agreed on a (crop circle) pattern that they also projected from their minds. Again, it appeared in the fields the next day. p. 112

Brain wave patterns of researchers change when they enter crop circles.

The Diatonic Ratios in Crop Circles Chapter 12: Reprint of an article by Gerald Hawkins, Ph.D, D. Sc. Conclusion: the ratio of larger to smaller circles in Crop Circle formations follows a consistent mathamatical ratio.

Chapter 16 Crop Circle Empowerment: The cost of deception:
80% manmade 20% unknown origin;
The first known report was of a mysterious circle appearing an an oat field in 1678 in Hertfordshire; orange balls of light whitnessed during apperance;
farmers report of circles as early as the 1920s;
originally the formations were simple circles, that later evolved into ringed circles and circles with satellites;
simple formations further evolved during 1990s into complex patterns;
a majority of circles have occured around ancient saced sites such as Stonehenge;
people entering crop circles experience a sense of "spiritual awe";
circles occure world wide;
sometimes circles align with waterways;
magnetic distortions have occuerd in circles which affect electrical equipment;
a high pitched two toned electromagnetic sound has been heard by multiple whitnesses and been recorded;
some people visiting circles experience physiological effects including heightned awareness and headaches;
CPRI research conducted with scientist Masahiro Kahata indicates brainwaves are affected by proximity to the circles;
circles seem to have healing properties;
scientists have found changes in the cellular structure in plants associated with circles;
unidentified balls of light have been seen and filmed around the circles, as well as around sacred sites;
some patterns resemble symbols from indigenous cultures;
the formations contain dowsable energy (ie, dowsers can find sircles by feeling for energy with their hands;
circles usually occur in relation to established lines of earth energy (ley lines);
the phenomenon is interactive ie the crop circle formation may depend on the thoughts of human beings;
the anomalies associated with "genuine" (non-man made) circles also occure for man made (hoaxed) circles.

Use of information by groups:
Chapter 17 The "80/20" Statement: The Politics of Truth p 158: "I have willingly presented my research to government scientists, the British and German Governments, indigenous people in many countries, individual seekers of truth, and religious leaders".

"The Council of Hopi Elders, for instance, are the care takers of a prophecy that has been kept secret for hundreds of years. The prophesy is known to concern profound changes in the world that would manifest as changes inhuman behavior, attitudes, and consciousness, accompanied by visible enviromental changes. The Hopis believe they hold a sacred responsibility to reveal the prohhecy to the United Nations when they see the signs that signal the beginning of the changes that have been fortold. The Hopis believe the crop circle phenomena plays a role in this prophecy, and they have eagerly embraced my research and used it to help them understand what is going on." (

I speak of the Hopis to make the point that there are many people all over the world carefully monitoring the crop circle enigma.....

Appendix C A Who's Who
Dozens of names from the Crop Circle research and hoax community. Includes:
Amamiya, Kiyoshi: Crop circle researcher and intrnational coordinator in Japan. Andrews, Richard: enowned expert in the ancient art of dowsing.

Aubrun, Dr. Jean-Noel: Physicist and engineer who has worked with C. Andrews for many years.

Bowers, Douglas: Famed Crop Circle hoaxer, along wiht brother Dave

Chorley, David: Famed Crop Circle hoaxer, along wiht brother Doug
Corso, Colonel Philip J.: US military officer; writer; Served on the National Security Council under Eisenhower. At a meeting with Colin Andrews in San Marino Italy, Corso acknowledged reports of Crop Circles coming into the White House in 1960. He said the reports were forwarded to the National Security Agency (NSA)and that they were considered at that time to be some form of as-yet unexplainable communication

Haselhoff, Dr. Eltjo: Theoretical Physicist and author of the book The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles Scientific Research and Urban Legends.

Hein, Dr. Simeon: Ph.D. in Sociology, and Director of the Boulder Colorado- based Institute for Resonance. He has carried out extensive testing and ground researching into the electrostatic fields around crop circles. Author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance.

Kahata, Masahiro: Leading electronics engineer from Japan, now living in the US. Kahata has investigated why some visitors to crop circles claim healings and why electronic equipment regularly fails inside circles. Inventor of the IBVA brainwave monitoring equipment.

Levengood, William. Renowned Michigan biophysicist. His published findings include the discovery that seeds from plants in crop circles grow up to five times faster than control seeds, and that the seedlings can tolerate lack of water and light for considerable time without apparent harm. In "Anatomical Anomalies in Crop Formation Plants", which appeared in the 1994 issue of the journal Physiologia Plantarum(92:356) he summed up his conclusions.

Lutz, Dr. Franz: Madical Doctor, and son of a psychic healer of great repute. Former head of the Institute of Resonant Therapy in Germany, he has worked with crop patterns in the process of healing of plants and animals through resonance.

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