Western Civilization Global Mind Change? Fact or Fiction? According to Paul Ray and x x in the book "Cultural Creatives", hundreds of writers over the past fifty years have been predicting a "major cultural change " Implicite is the fact that this change is in the society of Western Civilization, where Maslows "Hierarchy of basic Needs": (food, water, and shelter.) have been met (check!!) A few of the more notable books include: xxxxx The focus of the change, they say, is concern with the environment and social justice; and the goal is the Health and Well being of the planet. Fritjof Capra's book "The Turning Point", references the work of Sociologist Pitiram Sorokin, who postulated a cyclic alternation between two cultural values: sensate, which asserts that matter alone is the ultimate reality, and ideational, which professes that true reality lies beyond the material world. Sorokin also contends that the sensate and ideational values may harmoniously blend to form "idealistic" values, in which true reality has both sensory and supersensory aspects. Capra sees in the current transformation a movement away from the sensate culture of the Enlightment towards the idiational; in his view a movement away from the competitive, rational and analytic "yang" of western society towards the cooperative, intuitive and synthesizing "yin" of eastern society. This view is reflected in Willis Harman's stress of the noetic and intuitive in "Global Mind Change", and the "consciousness" movement of Ray's Cultural Creatives. Post Modern relativism? Important events which might demonstrate changing western values: WTO Demos and Opposition to Iraq war.