Investing with Your Values Making Money While Making a Difference

H. Brill, J. Brill, and C. Feigenbaum


The Socially Responsible Guide to Smart Investing

S. Case


Invested in the Common Good

S. Meeker-Lowry


Investing for Good

P. Kinder, S. Lydenberg, A. Domini


Natural Investing Web Sites


Good Money Online


First Affirmative Financial Network


Investing With Your Values


Organizations and Publications


Business for Social Responsibility Membership organization that helps companies be successful in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, communities, people, and the environment


CERES The Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies

Facilitates corporate reporting on environmental performance through CERES Principles and the Global Reporting Institute


Co-op America Membership organization that publishes the National Green Pages and the Financial Planning Handbook; provides research and information on SRI and more


Council on Economic Priorities Performs corporate social research and issues publications


The Green Money Journal & Online Guide Since 1992, publishes a quarterly newsletter with information on SRI and more.



Pacific Northwest Community Investing


Shorebank Pacific Ilwaco, WA an Eco-bank working on conservation based development



Cascadia Revolving Fund, Seattle WA provides start-up capital for small business entrepreneurs deemed too risky by banks; primarily women and minority, and environmentally focused companies



Local Financial Advisors

Newground Investment Services