Ecopsychology video guide

The following quotation presents key ideas from this video program which you may wish to explore.

Dysfunctional relationship, grief, depression:

"Many of us may be suffering much more deeply from dysfunctional environmental relations than we are from dysfunctional family relations."

"A number of us are moving through the world in a condition of profound grief for what is happening to the natural environment around us. That's a distinctly different feeling than guilt or shame or fear. It's grieving for things dear to us and profoundly beloved which we are loosing."

Theodore Roszak
Historian and Author

"We have really narrowed our relating to the world, the natural world included, to dominance and control....and depression is the result."

Dr. Sarah Conn
Clinical Psychologist

How healing the planet and healing ourselves are linked:

"we know that we're not living in a sustainable way in the world in a physical sense, that we're using up resources that are irreplaceable and we are not paying attention to the future. What we tend not to know is that we are not living in a sustainable way in a psychological sense also - that our psychic resources are being used up by our lifestyle, by our way of living."

Dr. Sara Conn

"It's been my very strong feeling that the sort of enlargement of the self to include a connection to the land, to growing and living things is a wonderful opportunity to really counter some of these materialist and consumer values that so destroy our culture."

Carl Anthony
President, Earth Island Institute

Essential elements in our quest for a health relationship to the earth and to each other:

"The more we can align ourselves with a vision that's more life giving, that's more healing, the more we can see an end to the kind of pattern that at this point seems very destructive."

Carl Anthony

"One of the essential bases of sustainable relating is mindfulness - paying attention to one's sensations, perceptions, emotions, thoughts and actions, as well as being mindful of the natural world, the more-than-human world."

Dr. Sara Conn

"The sense of belonging, of being part of the great cosmological system of things, is for many people a source of tremendous peace, consolation, tranquillity. And this is not just a consoling story. This is the truth. We are bonded to the entire universe around us in ways that ought to be inspiring and supportive."

Theodore Roszak