The Case of Karen Silkwood. B.J. Phillips, Ms Magazine, 197*, p 59 f. An account of the classic case of a nuclear whistleblower who died under mysterious circumstances. (article)

Plutonium: our lethal legacy. July 20 1994, Seattle Times. Discusses the ever growing supply and lack of control of plutonium, one of the most dangerous man made materials on earth.

A potential nuclear Nightmare Russia admits injecting waste into the earth.: William Broad, New York Times,(March 95 PI). Discussion of Russian (and former Soviet Union) admission of injecting about 1/2 of it's nuclear waste directly into the earth at three widely separated sites. The injections, which violate the rules of nuclear waste disposal, were termed the "largest and most careless nuclear practice the human race has ever suffered", by Henry Kendall, from M.I.T. Already the wastes from one site have leaked beyond the expected range, and "spread a great distance". /news clip.1

Nuclear plants are forced to store their own wastes: Keith Schneider, The New York Times, reported by Seattle PI March 95. More than 70 communities near nuclear generating plants will become on site repositories for spent nuclear fuel, without public hearings or environmental studies of the sites. 30,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel have been accumulating in these sites since the 1960's, and an additional 55,000 ton of this material will be generated by 2010, according to the USDOE. /news clip,1