July 12, 2000

Ms. Carol Browner
Environmental Protection Agency
401 "M" Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20460

RE: Sulfur Levels in Diesel Fuel

Dear Ms Browner,

The Mountaineers is the oldest and one of the largest environmental and recreation organizations in the State of Washington. Many of our activities take place in parks and Wilderness areas around the state.

The Mountaineers has previously taken a position on a number of air pollution issues which impact Mount Rainier National park. We support the proposed EPA Low Sulfur Diesel Rule which would set an upper limit for sulfur in diesel fuel at 15PPM by mid 2006, together with the Rule for heavy duty diesel engines which would be fully phased in by 2010. These rules together would result in a 90% reduction in PM2.5 and oxides of nitrogen from heavy duty diesel.

Reducing these air pollutants will have a beneficial effect on protecting the resources of Mount Rainier national Park. It will also protect other lakes and water courses in the state of Washington. We all are aware that acid rain is an important environmental issue in the northeast United States. It is also an important issue in the State of Washington, and pollution has very adverse impacts on water quality, fish, and wildlife.

For these reasons we support the proposed Rules reducing sulfur levels in diesel fuel and hope that these rules will be implemented promptly.


The Mountaineers

Edward M. Henderson, Jr.