mtca_gw The situation with Ecology's revision of the Model Toxics Control Act has changed. Earlier his year, WEC had more of a presence, and Greg Wingard and Laurie Valeriano were both attending stakeholder meeings. Greg Wingard is going it alone now on behalf of the environmental community. In his words, in the MTCA revision process, Ecology is seeing industries supreme attempt to dump a rule. Greg strongly believes that if MTCA gets dumped, Ecology will cave in more easily in the future, and many of our state environmental protections will more quickly unravel. Industry respects the presence of WEC in the ongoing process. I have agreed to help him in a review of the revised rule (basically compare the old and new). He will also let us know what else we might do to help. If any one else is possibly intested in providing comment on the new rule, please let Greg or I know. Greg's email address is: