June 5, 1999

Anita Frankel
Director, Office of Air Quality
U.S. E.P.A. Region X
1200 6th Ave
Seattle WA 98101

Dear Ms Frankel;

We understand that there has been growing public concern nationwide over the effects of toxic pollutants from airports on adjacent neighborhoods. Neighborhoods near King County and SeaTac International Airports in the Puget Sound Region have expressed considerable concern. This concern has prompted the Washington Department of Ecology and PSAPCA to request guidance from the EPA.

WEC recognizes the issue of airport toxics to be an issue of concern, and fully supports the efforts of Ecology and PSAPCA in its request for assistance.

Washington Environmental Council is pleased that EPA Region X has responded in a supportive manner to this request for assistance, and hopes that efforts to determine and mediate possible environmental and health impacts due to airport operations will be forthcomming.