June 5, 1999

Paul Schell, President
Port of Seattle
P.O. Box 1209
Seattle WA 98111

Dear Mr. Schell;

Concern has been growing nationwide regarding the possible effects of toxic pollutants emitted from airports on adjacent neighborhoods. Neighborhoods near King County and SeaTac International Airports in the Puget Sound Region have expressed considerable concern. Washington Environmental Council shares this concern, which has prompted the Washington Department of Ecology and PSAPCA to request guidance from Region X EPA.

An example of an issue of concern is the use of airplane deicing fluids. We understand that current regulations for such fluids only require monotoring of glycol levels. We also understand that proprietary additivies to these deicers may include much more toxic compounds such as tolyltriazoles, which may contaminate groundwater in the vicinity of airports. There appear to be alternatives which may help to reduce the amount of fluid deicer required.

We are pleased that the Port of Seattle has agreed to partner with State and Regional agencies in a voluntary program to help reduce toxic airport releases, and hope that you will keep us informed of your progress in this regard.