Be very careful when reading forum threads on the “above top secret” web site.


For example, one “story” actually got a lot of internet attention, but its claims were never substantiated:


Something very strange hit almost EVERY seismograph in the US at the same time!!!
  Fragile Earth
  Posted on: May 25, 2010, flags: 87, replies: 168






“ Apparently at about 1620-1630 MDT a large seismographic reading hit almost every station in the world!

”I called the USGS Alaska Science Center in Anchorage and spoke to one of the scientists. He wasn't aware of the event and I had to send him the actual seismograph website. He wasn't sure what in the world is going on and sent it to his superiors for further analysis. Personally, I wonder what the implications to us may be. I live in Jacksonville, FL where the seismograph readings were the worst. I never felt a thing, but I don't really think I would have if this were caused by some type of solar radiation. What exactly does a Hyder flare release? Are there any gravitational disturbances that can cause it? The magnetosphere has been going wild the last two days. I don't know... any answers? “
(visit the link for the full news article)


“I don't believe this was any natural earthquake type movement as we would have all felt it. I believe it may have to do with the recent Hyder flare releasing a huge magnetic storm onto the Earth, but have nothing except this data to back that up. Maybe some kind of graviton type wave? “






Late in the day on 5/25/10 I looked at the data from the web site the forum thread referenced:

The site showed “current plots show data from (since) 8:00 5/25/10”


The data showed that about 8 earthquakes occurred; dozens of stations reported nothing. 


This website references data from which also posts no indication of anything unusual.


The website shows a solar flare has been releasing over the days bracketing the date of the claim, but magnetic storm activity was not severe.

Hyder flares are real:


but are occurring often, and have not been shown to cause earthquakes.


Although the article was titled “large seismographic reading hit almost every station in the US…, the first sentence of the article is ” large seismographic reading hit almost every station in the world…”


 Finally I googled  large seismographic reading hit almost every station”


There were 8 returns;  they all used the same wording; some were “…every station in the world…”; the other version was “…every station in the US…”;


In short, I found zero substantiation of the single claim referenced above. I welcome any legitimate references which support the claim.