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Gaia and the Evolution of Coherence

Lynn McTaggart
The Field

Marco Bischof's website

Synopsis of Marco Bischof's Book by Ms. Barbara Guggenheim:

  • Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells

    Journal of Scientific Exploration

  • Biophotons and Biocommunication

  • History of Biophotonics from German Point of View

    German newspaper Di Welt on biophotons

    Measuring light from human beings

  • "Instrumental Measurements of the Human Energy Field"

    US Universities

    University of Michigan: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • http://www.eecs.umich.edu/eecs/about/EECSNews/EECSNewsSS05.pdf
    "We have significant and expanding research in the areas of bioMEMS, biophotonics, biocircuits, and bioinformatics." David C. Munson, Jr. EECS Chair

    BION:Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology

  • Biophotons

    American Institute of Biophysics: info

    American Institute of Biophysics: info

    American Refs to Biophotons
    American Institute of Biophysics: info
    conference on biophotons in Beijing, 2003

    Kluwer Publishers: The Language of Science
    Book Review: kluwer.htm Biophotons


    Gurwich international conference

    International Institute of Biophysics:

  • International Conference on Biophotons


    About the Coherence of Biophotons

    Published in: Macroscopic Quantum Coherence, Proceedings of an International Conference on the Boston University,
    edited by Boston University and MIT, World Scientific 1999.

  • About the Coherence of Biophotons
  • Introduction

  • Preliminary Remarks on the Biological Situation

  • Evidence of the Coherence of Biophotons http://www.lifescientists.de/ib0204e_4.htm
  • Biological Implications http://www.lifescientists.de/ib0204e_5.htm
  • Conclusions

    Post 2001

    Summer School
    Monteray Institute for the Study of Alterntive Healing Arts

    Sept 27-Oct 2 2004:
    Third Alexander Gurwitsch Conference

    The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms by Mae-Wan Ho
    Collaborations Paul Devereux in collab

    Being updated:
    The International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL).

    german papers on biophotons

    uk papers on biophotons

    us papers on biophotons

    german papers on biophotons