inernational institute of Biophysics: Worldwide there are about 40 scientific groups working on biophotons. The biggest association is the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) e.V., founded in 1996 in Neuss (Germany) for an interdisciplinary approach of the understanding and the investigation of living systems. 14 institutes (governmental research institutes and universities) are connected in common research on:

Coherence in Biology
The biophoton field is almost fully coherent and as a consequence strongly coupled to all physiological functions.

It provides regulatory activity for every cell in the body.

It displays all the biological rhythms of the body.

The measurements of electric parameters of the skin provide a powerful tool for looking through the window of biological regulation.

Regulatory activities of the body are not stable, but rather rhythmical.

Powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools can be developed.

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