Nassim Haramein's "Crossing the Event Horizon"

Haramein is also, as of 2009,  an IONS luminary

"Nassim's investigation of the geometry of hyperspace combines quantum physics and cosmological understandings of universal forces with a new solution to Einstein field equations, unifying physics and integrating other sciences into a cohesive whole. Haramein's solution resulted from studies of ancient codes left in monuments and documents around the world, and may lead to some of the most important discoveries in written history."
“As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a holographic hyper-dimensional theory of everything he calls the ‘Holofractographic Universe.’”
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Says all our science assumes Euclidian space. [This is not true; in the General Theory of Relativity, space time is curved; ie non Euclidian. There are probably other examples]
Meditators say we don’t need no stinking technology
Scientists say we don’t need no stinking consciousness
We need both.
Can’t have finite systems without infinity & VV.
Can and should think of infinities inside boundaries
Infinities are part of the boundaries of your existence
Uses example of triangle and inverted triangle inside circle, then repeat this pattern on smaller scale (fractal) can continue to infinity [conceptually but not physically: when get to quantum level this breaks down]
A major problem is physics today is the infinity problem: singularities prevent the unification of various facets of physics; as for example QM and relativity 
Notes science continuous search for smallest particle; keep finding smaller particles. supercollider. This physics keeps dividing space; implication is that smaller and smaller particles will be found to infinity.
Rather than looking for a fundamental particle, maybe we should look for a fundamental pattern of creation; fundamental pattern of division to define creation. 
Dimensions are concentric to each other; the division of space undergoes specific relationship to each other that define the geometry of space. that determine how space divides and which scale is produced is specific; not a random thing. Fundamental division; fundamental geometry most important.
This information will provide the foundation of creation. If look at different traditions, cabalistic, hindu, etc talk about geometry being fundamental to creation. This makes each of us in a scientific sense infinite beings with infinite potential.
Life is not a random thing; there is a pattern; there is organization. He is not saying there is some god  up there in a creationist sense organizing everything. The fundamental patterns of creation are in the vacuum; it is organized and polarized. It communicates. every thing is communicating with everything.
Compares atom to mini black hole: if you are dividing and dividing and dividing an atom you are
Dealing with something akin to a black hole because it has infinite density. Electron cloud spinning at near speed of light; strong force of atom is like gravity in a black hole. 
We are Made of millions and billions of black holes which send info to the vacuum, and the vacuum sends info to the atoms of our bodies. The feed back from the vacuum to the organized structure and back is what we call reality. When the vacuum expands we see it; we see the radiation of it. When it contracts; when the information is going in , we don’t see it, and we call it the vacuum. In terms of physics we call it gravity, according to my theory. Have feedback between the radiative componet, the EM field, and the contracting gravitational component. Feedback goes thru very specific geometric functions to be able to do that. Found feedback early, then looked for the geometry which would allow that to happen. Sponsor Foster Gamble encouraged him to try to approach the mainstream physics community to see how well his ideas held up. Met with physicists and mathematicians at Georgia tech. they talk about string theory. Those other guys were irritated with him for not having PHD. He pulls out book 
gravitional standard bible for relativistic equations by Toren Wheeler and Mesner. Whe talking about relativistic equations this is the reference. Opens to Page 719. book Says universe is like balloon with galaxie penneys. Where is it in equations he asks, does it talk about this guy (???) if something is expanding, then something also needs to be contracting. For every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Room got really silent.
Ca apply this to your life. Put stuff in so have energy to see, feel etc. has to be balance between what is going in and out. Problem we have on earth is that some people say it is all going in and others say it is all going out. Spiritual gurus say it is all going in and the scientists say it is all going out. Have to have a guy blowing the balloon up (so his lungs are contracting. Have to pack information in for information to come out. This is the dynamics of you creating the world. Imagine a fractal; it is infinite; there is no center in an infinite,or every point is a center; ie; we are all centers. Spiritual people are talking about creating your reality. It drives me nuts, but it’s a good thing in the correct sense. 
If you forget the rest of the centers are all creating their reality also, you have a problem. Its all feedback and interrelationship. You can create your reality but it will come back a little changed. If it did not, the universe would stop. Its not just a philosophical thing; he can show you the equations that prove it. 
The only thing that can communicate with everything is the vacuum. Atom is 99.99 % empty space. Maybe the reality of the atoms is the vacuum.
During his seminar he will show a scaling law that shows that the vacuum divides itself. Maybe reality is division of the vacuum. When there is a division EM is radiated. We call it an atom. Scaling structures of vacuum division. From the gravity book found the statement: (paraphrased) present day quantum field theory gets rid of an energy density that would be infinite if not removed by the process of renormalization. 
Renormaization is typical trick used in physics to get rid of infinities. Two types of infinities: one type is infinitely small; the other are infinitely big. If a theory gives a result with infinitely large quantities, it is either discarded or renormalized. Renormalization means they truncate a large number. Physicists found that infinite amount of energy was required by vacuum for atoms to do what they do, which as not acceptable. So they got rid of the infinity by using Planks length. Took cm cube of vacuum; how many planks length go in one cubic cm. 10 to the 94 power grams of energy per cm 3 space. if compacted all stars and galaxies in uninverse that we can see with Hubble into 1 cm cube; still not the vacuum energy density.
Experiments prove energy density of vacuum.
Cashmir effect shows true energy density of vacuum. Calculated in 1948, experimatally verified in 1990s; 

His theory is that the vacuum is the fundamental structure of our existence. The information transferred is in fractal format.

We all came out of vacuum in fractal structues. The fact that people come out of people is good evidence for the fractal nature of the vacuum emerging. 
Fractal geometry of vacuum may be the fundamental dynamic of creation and evolution.
Get structures at various levels thst organize and support one another. biosphere and fractal divisions of plants and animals
Is collaborating with Elizabeth sateras evol biologist; Michael hysen. first physics theory that includes biology and evolution  and emergence of consciousness. 
Raging battle; was Darwin correct or was there a god. Answer most likely somewhere in between. One problem of evolution: no theory for macro development. No evidence for turtle ending up a bird. Must be fundamental flow of info that produces the turtle and bird.
Proposes that if understand the fundamental dynamics, can put a wheel on it to control what expands and contracts. Current technology is based on expansion. It’s the brute approach. If understood contraction rather than radiation; how to tap into the genral-active vacuum structure we would have all the energy we needed, and could start manifesting from the vacuum.  
Millions of years ago, microbes were in competition for CO2; oxygen was poisonous. Microbes almost all died out; then a transformation happed: going to multi cellular development where Oxygen was used. [This event  was also noted in the DVD Humanity Ascending by futurist Barbara Mark Hubbard]  
Humanity is in an analogous situation today.
at 1 hr 15 minutes,  Q&A

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The  Schwarzschild Proton:

By Nassim Haramein


This paper won an award in the field of “Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Gravitation.”at the University of Liege, Belgium, during the 9th International Conference CASY’09 (Computing Anticipatory Systems)




The Origin of Spin: A consideration of Torque and Coriolis Forces in Einstein’s Field Equations and Grand Unification Theory. 

By Nassim Haramein and Elizabeth Rauscher



“This paper constitutes a foundational description of the source of angular momentum/spin at all scales (from macro systems to micro subatomic particle structures) rendering a unified view of gravitation to the other forces such as electromagnetism, strong and weak force.”


“Current standard theory assumes spin/rotation to be the result of an initial impulse generated in the Big Bang conserved over billions of years of evolution in a frictionless environment…”