By H.E. Puthoff, PhD
CIA Initiated Remote Viewing at SRI (ext. link)

From the book The Field by Lynne McTaggart



on Page 150:

"... embroiled in a heated investigation of a security breach. What Swann and Price had correctly described was a vast secret Pentagon underground facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, manned by National Security Agency code breakers, whose main job ..."


on Page 158:

"... in for a close up, like a video camera on a crane. With Pat's first remote viewing of the secret Pentagon site, he'd begun his viewing from i5oo feet up to take the scene in as a whole and then zoomed ..."


on Page 160:

"... Army had its own psychic spying intelligence unit in place, codenamed Grill Flame, possibly the most secret program in the Pentagon, manned by enlisted men who'd claimed some talent in psychic phenomena. By the time of Ed May's tenure, a who's ..."

From the book Mind Race, by Russell Targ, with Keith Harary, 1984), the authors quoted from a congressional committee on science and technology, US House of representatives, 97th Congress, June 1981: "Recent experiments in remote viewing and other studies in parapsychology suggest there is an interconnectedness of the human mind with other human minds and matter.... The implications of these experiments is that the human mind may be able to obtain information i ndependent of geography and time."

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