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Jeff King: Note that Rita's eye displays a distinct pentagonal symmetry with nearly flat sides.  This is soon after Rita entered the Gulf of Mexico, about the period of time that it accelerated very quickly from a class-2 to a class-5 storm.  Experts say that this transition happened over a period of (~12) hours rather than the several days to be expected if warm surface water was the only energy source.


Not to belabor the obvious, but by the normal laws of physics straight lines and geometric shapes would never be seen in this setting.  A rotating mass of air and water moving across the flat surface of the Gulf would experience only rotational forces, not perfectly symmetrical of course but still the overall mass flow  can be expected to maintain a roughly circular pattern.  


Any major deviation from such a circular shape within a rotating system requires changes in angular momentum, and that can only be accomplished by an external force.  Imagine an ice skater viewed from above, moving her arms in and out in just the right synchronization to trace out a hexagon instead of a circle.  Arms have mass and internal viscous resistance just like a hurricane, and this kind of geometric razzle-dazzle would be almost impossible even for a conditioned ice skater.  Where do these flabby masses of spinning air and water find the strength and dexterity for such a dramatic display of lines and angles?




From Richard C. Hoagland’s blog:


Hoagland calls scalar engineered storms "hyperdimensional." He noticed anomalies in the eyes of certain hurricanes, a geometrical signature of a pentagonal shape.;read=77905



Hurricane Isabel’s eye, according to Hoagland











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Bearden reports standard NEXRAD radar signal shows “something” in clear air space over

New Orleans on xxx 17, 12 days before Katrina struck. Suggests this “something”

Was targeting New Orleans


For those who might wonder how we acquired this extraordinary data (which has since been predictably erased from the official NEXRAD record), we must pay homage to a small and unsung band of pioneers who have created the highly arcane field of "radar anomaly research." With site names like "," "" and ","


On Nov. 21, 1977, cloud indications of a huge standing wave was observed off the Pacific coast of America, reaching from Alaska to Chile. Satellite photos show cloud banks over this stretch of the ocean, lying offshore, and reaching for the whole of the distance. These clouds grazed the land slightly at California. There a straight black line, as through drawn by a ruler, appeared in the cloud mass. It was an opening in the clouds, one mile wide and 200 miles long. There was no known explanation. This was a phenomenon without parallel in past records.

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