My comments about Bush I and Population Control come from a helpful federal depository librarian who got me copies of Bush testimony from the Congressional Record, September 5, 1969 and October 13, 1969. I did find some of the testimony to be confusingly inconsistent, depending on who was testifying -- I guess it was a potpourri of many points of view. But Bush DID sponsor the eugenics scientists, who believed that a high birth-rate for non-whites meant "population pollution." <P> Most big city libraries are federal deposit libraries, with copies of the Congressional Record. But to make your search easy, first go to <> and look through his "Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" -- the whole book is free online. I don't have time to look up the exact reference there, where I learned about the Bush family and their passion for controlling the population through eugenics, but I remember it was easy to find in the table of contents and the index.