Will the Real Conspiracy Please Step Forward?
The “Other” Chemical and Biological “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
By Rodger Herbst
The Bush Administration’s strident accusation of foreign sources for chemical and biological “Weapons of Mass Destruction” should not blind us to possibilities right here at home. Dr. Leonard Horowitz (as well as a number of other researchers) provides us with some interesting alternative thoughts, which perhaps deserve some consideration.

Did you know, for example, that according to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975, Henry Kissinger, as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Richard Nixon, selected an option to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) develop biological weapons? Under Kissinger’s watch, Influenza and parainfluenza viruses were, for example, recombined with quick acting leukemia viruses (acute lymphocytic leukemia) to deliver a weapon that could potentially spread cancer like the flu. Such activity was documented by the U.S. Government, National Institute of Health, and National Cancer Institute. [http://www.sarsscam.com]

Facts such as this have been generally neglected by the press, if not officially classified by the government under the guise of “national security.” Weapons selections such as these continue to the present day not simply by radical terrorist groups, but also among a handful of military cartel industrialists that continue to produce and sell weapons of mass destruction to those who can afford them.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., author of 13 books, is a Harvard Graduate in public health, and expert in the fields of medical sociology, behavioral science, and emerging diseases. Citing documentation that numerous AIDS and Ebola like viruses were bioengineered for the U.S. Army by Litton Bionetics, his national best-selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998) challenges earlier theories that contaminated polio vaccines, species jumping viruses, or recreational drug use were the source of AIDS. As a result of publication of this book, the United Stated General Accounting Office is now investigating the man-made origin of AIDS theory.

Dr. Horowitz now has a website [www.SARSscam.com] which examines the social and political implications of the SARS pandemic. “By examining this illness's etiology, which lies … in the realm of global politics, corporate profits, and population control, this information offers educated people an alternative to the fright and irrational behaviors promulgated by ‘mainstream’ propagandists including news sources and health officials”.

Authorities explain "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" (SARS) as simply the latest threat in an ongoing series of attacks on humanity by mysteriously mutating "super-germs." What is highly suspicious about the “mysterious” and “terrifying” arrival of SARS, however, according to Dr. Horowitz, is its timing, having arrived virtually at the same time as the global war on terrorism, and the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq.

But he real questions are how lethal, how transmissible, and how treatable is this strain? And the answers, according to Horowitz, leave no grounds for excitement, much less panic. "With a mortality rate far below many more serious illnesses, SARS's power lies in its dependence on media propaganda used to herald its presence, prompt hysteria, and broadly engage social and economic resources.

”Clearly, what you are witnessing is a well organized terror campaign” carried out by mostly well-meaning, but propagandistically indoctrinated authorities. With respect to the SARS outbreak in Toronto for example, a criminal complaint is being filed by Canadian consumer health groups against Health Canada, Dr. Colin D’Cumba, Ontario’s Commissioner of Public Health, and Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement, for negligence and public health malpractice bordering on fraud. This legal action is supported by the defendants’ having: 1) consistently and knowingly misrepresented mortality (i.e., death) rates from SARS; 2) failed to relay standard infection prevention information to the public; and 3) prompted panic, widespread phobia and public avoidance behaviors causing economic, physical and psychological harm to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses across Canada. [ www.SARSscam.com ]

Horowitz diagnoses this illness, by medical-sociological parameters, as a "Sickening and R epulsive Scam"; a conspiracy perpetrated not only for fueling a multi-billion dollar “cottage health industry,” as some analysts have written, but also as an experiment in global societal manipulation. He identifies the "global military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel" as the only suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect such outcomes. In his website, Horowitz notes “The outcome of this experiment, whether it leads to population reduction or not, depends on you.”

See: www.SARSscam.com